Stay informed on COVID-19

Keep informed on COVID-19

It’s difficult to believe that just a few months ago COVID-19 was a term that no one knew. Now, COVID-19 or Coronavirus seems to be all the world is talking about. According to the World Health Organisation, there are currently over 3 million internationally confirmed cases of this virus, with over 20,000 of those being in Ireland, and that numbers only seem to be growing. With new media developments every day, especially in terms of vaccine-creation, we advise you to always check the news for the latest updates.

Checking reputable websites such as that of WHO, or watching television news networks like CNN and BBC news, will provide you with accurate and relevant information. Being informed not only allows you to know what’s going on world-wide but in your own little community too, so you can take any necessary precautions and not panic. Follow Mark Kennedy & Co. on social media, or check out our resources page for COVID-19 updates and news.