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Discipline required to stick to the 2022 budget

Discipline required to stick to the 2022 budget

According to the Irish Fiscal Advisory Council, the 2022 Budget is on a much more “prudent path”. Will inflation change the facts after Budget 2022? Although the deficit for 2025 of over €7 billion has been brought to an €875 million surplus. The eradication of that deficit is predicted for 2023, which might look promising….

Eurogroup head Donohoe confident Omicron won’t derail recovery

Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe is confident the euro zone’s recovery can be sustained into next year even if the Omicron coronavirus variant requires new public health measures, he told the Reuters Next conference today. Mr Donohoe is also the head of the Eurogroup of euro zone finance ministers. Paschal Donohoe said his confidence was based…

Jobless rate, including Covid-19 payouts, falls to 6.9% – CSO

The unemployment rate, including people receiving temporary Covid-19 jobless benefits, fell to 6.9% in November from 7.9% in October, the latest Central Statistics Office figures show today. The CSO said this measure of unemployment had stood at 20.4% the same time last year. Excluding those on the Pandemic Unemployment Payment, which will be withdrawn in…

1.4 million to receive Christmas bonus next week

The Department of Social Protection has said 1.4 million social welfare recipients will receive their Christmas bonus next week. Pensioners, carers, people will disabilities, lone parents and those receiving long-term social welfare are among those who will get an additional 100% payment. The qualifying period for those in receipt of an eligible Jobseekers payment has…