Calculate Vat

Calculate VAT for your small Irish business

It takes a lot of fortitude to start one’s own business. And in times like these it is easy to fall into belief that one’s business cannot succeed. We at Mark Kennedy & Co want to make sure you have all the knowledge and tools you need to work as effectively as possible. This is one of the reasons why we provide a selection of easy to use financial calculators, like our VAT calculator.

The VAT calculator is used to determine the consumption tax placed on a product whenever value is increased along every step of the supply chain. This can play a big role in the spending and earning within a business.  Doing VAT calculations for a company might be a new skill, but it is definitely worthwhile. You can find out more about How VAT can affect the behaviour of small companies from the World Economic Forum, here. This calculation will be done every two months and our easy to use VAT calculator can be found here.  The figures needed will include the starting figure and if it already includes VAT for the calculation of the gross amount as well as the net amount.

We have a full range of financial calculators here among our many other resources, as well as a blog on a variety of these calculators here.  If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us.