employment laws change

Unemployment rate lowers slightly as employment laws change

The world is starting to think differently about employment and Ireland is no exception. Remote work and a demand for better employment conditions and pay are changing the ways in which employment is approached. Mark Kennedy & Co. observe the changes in unemployment rate and employment laws. 

October unemployment rate steady at 4.4% – CSO

The Central Statistics Office notes that the unemployment rate of October, 2022, remains unchanged from previous months. The rate remains at 4.4%, a marginal increase from earlier in the year, but a definite improvement from rates of years past.

Learn more about the effects of the pandemic on unemployment rates and how these are predicted to affect the economy.

Remote working, new employment laws and pay claims – the world of work in 2022

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on how work is conducted has changed the way in which employment is viewed. Many now realise that they are capable of working remotely and are resisting the push to go back to office. 

Additionally, legislation is being changed as they relate to compensation, tips, sick pay, and the living wage. These changes are made to ensure that workers receive fair pay. Mark Kennedy & Co. looks at these changes and how they will affect the working world of 2023

Unemployment rate drops slightly in December to 4.3% – CSO

December 2022, sees a marginal decline in the unemployment rate to 4.3%. This is an improved rate from the year prior and pre-pandemic rates. This is encouraging news amidst rising inflation and fears of job loss in the tech sector. 

Andrew Webb, Chief Economist at Grant Thornton Ireland notes: “.. staff recruitment and retention as one of the key areas of concern facing Irish Businesses.” It remains to be seen how these numbers change going forward.

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