Brexit News

Post-Brexit News

Brexit has come and gone and means the introduction of a whole new arrangement that’ll have to be phased in due course between the UK and EU. Border control is one of the points that has become crucial in discussions to ensure that the trade deal in place is not only effective but leaves all involved parties at peace without risking the already effective processes.

European shares tumble on tighter Covid-19 curbs in UK, Brexit uncertainty

The travel ban on American, British, and South African flights and ferries from the UK are set for review only after the consideration of the new Covid-19 variant is taken, making it certain that the share market pinch will be felt by the travel industry.

Brexit negotiators making some progress – Coveney

Some progress among differences in the ongoing Brexit negotiations, says an optimistic Simon Coveney, Minister for Foreign Affairs. Consistent communication and persistence from both parties involved will benefit from striking a deal sooner rather than later, considering the damage caused in the economy.

EU should ‘see sense’ and agree on trade deal – Johnson

Confirmed trade deal? Ursula von der Leyen is uncertain, but confident in a positive resolution. Leyen is certain that there’s a way forward, despite the steady resolve on fisheries. British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is convinced at the ease and sensibility of the deal, as the “UK should have the right to control its own law”, he says.

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