26% of small landlords plan to leave rental market

Half of tenants surveyed by the Residential Tenancies Board say they are spending more than 30% of their net income on rent, with 20% of tenants in Dublin spending more than 50% of their total income.

The RTB survey was conducted between September 2019 and March 2020.

Carried out by Amarach Research, it surveyed 1,038 tenants and 850 landlords.

The survey focussed on renters and landlords and is one of the biggest surveys on the rental sector in Ireland.

It found that the profile of landlords is changing with 26% of small landlords who have one to two tenancies indicating that they plan to sell a property within the next five years.

But landlords with 100 tenancies or more plan to continue to invest and expand their portfolios.

A significant number of landlords said they are also struggling, just like renters, and therefore they need to keep rent prices as high as they are.

Article Source – 26% of small landlords plan to leave rental market – RTE

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